Get friends to binge The Expanse

We need more live viewers! Get friends caught up by Wednesday on Amazon (US), CraveTV (Canada), or Netflix (everywhere else).

The sets are coming down. Here's how to #SaveTheExpanse

This used to be the set for Avasarala's office. It was taken down last week.

We need your help to #SaveTheExpanse. 

Syfy cancelled The Expanse. But that's not the end. Alcon wants to sell The Expanse to another network, and we'll help them! 

This show, one of the best sci-fi TV series in decades, if not ever, needs to continue its run. Here's what to do.


If you want Season 4, watch the next episode live to increase ratings. DVR it and watch again—your views  count twice!

Last week we got a 10% ratings bump!

If you don't have cable, use one of these services to be counted in the ratings:

YoutubeTV 7 day free trial: https://tv.youtube.com/welcome/

Hulu Live 7 day free trial: https://www.hulu.com/live-tv

Sign the Petition

We hit 125K yesterday. We're at 128K now. Let's get to 130K signatures today! Click here!

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Get Others to Binge the Expanse

We need to boost the audience for The Expanse by bringing in new fans.

If everyone watching brought in one friend, we’d be up to over 1 million  viewers. To do that, get as many new people (invite all your friends!) as possible to binge watch Seasons 1 and 2 on Amazon in the U.S., CraveTV in Canada, or Netflix everywhere else. Season 3 is also for sale on Amazon. So by Wednesday's new episode, they're caught up and ready to watch live. 

So start tweeting #BingeTheExpanse to get it trending!

Let's Get Trending

Sign up for this Thunderclap in order to start a tweetstorm tonight when each live broadcast starts! 

Make sure to add the hastags #TheExpanse and #SaveTheExpanse.

Our May 16 tweetstorm peaked at
163 tweets/minute for #TheExpanse and 125 tweets/minute for #SaveTheExpanse

Let's do even better May 23!

Latest Alcon Press Release

To the fans and the stakeholders of The Expanse, your passion and your advocacy have not gone unnoticed. Please stay ignited and excited as we work through a few scenarios. The cast, the crew, the producers, the writers, we are all deeply moved and motivated to make this work. There are a lot of moving parts. There are no promises at this point, but a commitment to try everything.


Use this beautiful fan trailer from Ed Akselrud to get people to binge the show! Include the hashtag #BingeTheExpanse.

Call-to-action videos to let fans know how to #SaveTheExpanse.

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