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TheExpanseLives: The future of a campaign

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It seems as if so much time has already gone by since we heard the news that “The Expanse” would not be picked up by SyFy in mid-May and we launched a historic fan campaign. Pooling together all of our efforts and resources the fans ultimately helped save our beloved show. What we accomplished in just two weeks was nothing short of extraordinary.

Each and every one of you reading this should be proud of what we did together. If you signed our petition, watched the show live, contributed to our GoFundMe campaigns, followed us on social networks, shared our promotional media, and took part in the legendary #SaveTheExpanse conversation online - YOU helped save this show. From all of us @SaveTheExpanse, thank you.

What's next?

In the spirit of our incredible movement, we would like to continue the work of promoting “The Expanse” and its incredible fandom. To help with this goal, we are building this website as a spiritual successor to the #SaveTheExpanse campaign. We want to use it to help bring our community closer together by serving as a “hub” for everything The Expanse. Here is some of what the website will provide:

  • Blog - will report on the show and its development, promote fan content and initiatives, feature guest writers, etc
  • Community Calendar - will keep track of any and all Expanse and fan related events or important dates
  • Resources & Archives - a comprehensive database archiving any and all relevant Expanse content and media to assist creators, researchers and curious fans. If you wish to contribute, please submit items of interest using this form.
  • Fan Art Gallery - will allow artists and media creators to submit their work to be featured and promoted on our site

For more information, check out the full Feature/Site Map, and a rough Design Preview of what the site will look like. Our multimedia team will also continue producing promotional material for the show as well as fan projects and initiatives.

Community Projects

The really exciting thing we're working on is bringing together everyone in the community to do what we did during the STE campaign, but on a long term basis. In addition to the website, we hope to accomplish the following:

  • Help organize and promote the production of fan-made content, iniatives, and events
  • Collaborate with fans, creators and influencers both within and outside our community

TEL itself is just one such project. Check out our Community Projects Spreadsheet to see the current ongoing and proposed efforts. If you are already working on something we don't know about, or have a great idea you want to suggest, read on to find out how you can get involved.

Get Involved

If you'd like to contribute to TEL or any of the other projects, or pitch your own idea, please join us in the new #community-projects channel of the Unofficial Expanse Discord server. This is where we gather to talk about ideas and establish teams that want to work together. If you are unavailable to join us there but still have something you would like to be added to the list, please reach out to us and let us know!

We are looking to expand our team with more web developers, visual/media artists, writers, and content curators. If you have time and skills you wish to contribute, you can contact us by pinging any of us in the channel (just type @TheExpanseLives), or just shooting us an email. You can also find us online on Twitter and Facebook!

About Us

We are just a bunch of fans who had time and energy to spare and decided to band together to help spread the word about “The Expanse”. During the campaign, we ran the SaveTheExpanse.org website as well as the official @SaveTheExpanse social media profiles (now @TheExpanseLives). We also managed the petition, the GoFundMe campaigns, produced promotional material, helped institute social media storms, and generally did all we could to help rally our community and make as much noise as possible. Now, we hope to continue that work for the long run and make sure that our favorite show remains alive and well for years to come!

With love and gratitude, TheExpanseLives Team

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